When you are caught smiling for no reason(WEDDINGS),

Is just when you know it’s the blissful season(WEDDINGS).

A season where all imperfections blur your sight(WEDDINGS)

Slowly but surely finding your deserving right

Time runs like an unexplained stumble

For you to all in all wonder if this is a fall or a drizzle

As you think, wonder and marvel in a baffle

Life decides to unfold the joyful bundle

A bundle of joy that here in above

Screech, squeal and scream you are in love.

Are those the wedding bells we hear from your side?  Well, in that case firstly our heartfelt wishes to your new awaited life!

Before you let that magical feeling to be overpowered by the qualms and nerves from approaching the big day, let us join hands together and make this magical feeling last longer. We identify with the very sentiment of unrest within you about every called for detailing meant solely for one those glorious days in your life, the big day-Your Wedding Day!

Be it your styling and grooming apprehensions, invites and souvenir mayhem’s, to sing your own praises with spot on designs and decorations, desire to relive every moment in pictures, pressure of tying the knot at that one perfect location, the need to serve mouthwatering cuisine, the requisite to greet and treat every single guest- We identify with your each and every need for attention.

Our services can be solely provided if you require assistance in one area or grouped together to generate a customized solution.


  • Planning and checklistWe begin to create magic by bringing together every member of the family with the Mr&Mrs to be and get a precision on the needs and wants of the family for this big day: The Wedding Day! It is important for us to value the respective traditions and ceremonies of the family and hence channel the same watchfully. Post which we begin to discuss the probable themes, décor, choice of location, class of entertainment and talent to be integrated, the intricate details to the flow of events and similar. In due course of time and discussion we arrive at a detailed planning along with a meticulous checklist.
  • Dates and VenuesA date that is picked for the right muhrath which inturn needs to be in balance with the availability of every important person from friends and family to be present, a place that is picked in accordance to your hearts agreement; Kaalia Productions will guide and lead you till we pronounce a pleasant settlement. In terms of choosing the right venue and location we can provide you with a variety of choices each of which stands out in class and grace.
We provide you the best service for your wedding
  • Decoration
  • Photographer
  • Entertainers
  • Promoters
  • Security
  • Food and beverages
  • Light and sounds
  • Promotional staff
  • Venue
  • Many more necessary services to make it memorable.



Hindu Wedding

The wedding ceremonies are very colourful, and celebrations may extend for several days with various rituals. The rituals and celebrations vary by region, preference and the resources of the groom, bride and their families.

Christian Wedding

A Christian wedding follows some essential rituals, It gives less importants to tradition, but more to the spirit of fun.

Destination Wedding

A destination wedding removes many of the stresses of planning a regular wedding. It is an opportunities of a couple to hold a wedding in a romantic location without spending a fortune.

Traditional Wedding

In traditional wedding both the bride and groom wear traditional attire and various rituals and customs happen on that day.

Cruise Wedding

Getting married on a cruise is a one-of-a-kind experience. It allows you and your guests to visit multiple destinations and easily stay close to one another—plus you can all enjoy the amenities a cruise ship has to offer.

Celebrity Wedding

A wedding of famous people.

Royal Wedding

A royal wedding is a marriage ceremony involving members of a royal family.

Muslim Wedding

‘Nikah’ is most colourful and sparkling. They follows numerous rituals and unique traditions in their ceremonies. The groom’s family accept the bride’s family by conveying “Qubool hai”

Beach Wedding

Beach wedding is great for couple who requires more fun, romantic and unforgettable moment in their lives for both the bridal couple and their guests.

Theme Wedding

Theme wedding can be as creative and elaborate as the couple wishes it to be involving the families and friends bringing in their creativity.

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